Saturday, 26 February 2011

Day 1 San Fran

Wow nice Air Canada flight landed in brilliant sun shine,  great light , much like Victoria or  Vancouver , no contrast , brilliant clean air.  Only about ten degrees but felt much warmer.  Spring every where green grass, flowers , palm trees.  The cab was $38 from the airport   staying right downtown at the Golden Gate  Hotel.  very cool place!  Found on Trip Advisor  built in 1912 always a hotel! Met the owner extremely nice as are the whole staff.   Resident Manx cat Pip is great!    Had some amazing sushi  just down the street, very entertaining they said they get the fresh fish from Japan about ten hours plane ride.  We then walked through a huge China town for many blocks.

Lots to do and see along the way.  This is going to be great!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a vibe and feel to this place, that is in my blood already!..... the people are so friendly and happy to help lost tourists.

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  1. That bridge is really cool. Glad you're having fun! At your house now with Monty on my lap and Poppy beside me. Why are they so tired? All they want to do is sleep. Going to talk them for another walk.